Sideways NZ
May 2, 2022

Hi Sideways fans,
It’s been two years in the making, but I’m finally jetting off to New Zealand to research and write Sideways NZ.  I just closed a book deal with Blackstone Publishing – the publisher of my current novel The Archivist – which I’m very excited about.  I don’t know what Miles+Jack will find in New Zealand, but I will be blogging my research here in diary form, and will be vouchsafing you an inside look at my creative process as this novel takes shape.  I hope you will bookmark this tab and come here for frequent updates.  I promise writing in my inimitably personal voice, as well as spectacular accompanying photos of my novel research journey.

The photo above is my cat Max.  He’s barely over a year.  He’s a rescue and has a metabolic bone disorder known as congenital rickets.  Fortunately I’ve found someone to take care of him because he’s a special needs cat.  He doesn’t have the use of his back legs like normally-developed felines, and he has to take supplement every day that must be orally administered.  Other than that, he lives a normal life, but I know we will miss each other.  I don’t mean to wax sentimental, but Max is my first pet since I was a kid and I love the little guy.

Anyway, barring a – God forbid! – positive test, I’m off to New Zealand.  I’ve heard their wines are incredible – especially the Pinots in Central Otago – and the scenery is jaw-dropping.  it’s a tough job – wine-tasting, sightseeing – but there is a novel to write, there is a deadline, and I already feel the pressure.  But, it’s a welcome pressure, a salubrious pressure, the kind that all artists need to educe the best out of them.

Rex Pickett