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Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the release of the now cult classic wine comedy, Sideways, my Sideways 3 Chile will soon be available as an e-book, as well as an audiobook from Blackstone Audio. I’m very excited about this final installment in the Sideways trilogy. Beginning with Sideways, which became the multiply award-winning Alexander Payne film of the same title, transiting through Vertical, which won the Gold Medal for Fiction from the Independent Publisher Book Awards, now comes Sideways 3 Chile. Because I am so thankful for all the fans I’m offering the e-book at the ludicrously low price of $5.99. I will update you on when it is finally available, but by mid-Nov. it should be everywhere — Amazon, iBooks, et alii. Cheers.

I am currently traveling and writing a major motion picture in heartstoppingly picturesque Tuscany. I will be blogging on this site about my journals. The people of Italy are incredible, the food is to die for, and autumn here is, well, in a word, sublime.


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Sideways 3

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Rex Pickett | Author and Playwright

Rex Pickett is the critically-acclaimed author of the novel Sideways, upon which the Oscar-winning Alexander Payne film of the same title was adapted. Not only did the film win over 350 awards from major critics and awards organizations and completely change the wine world, the film has continued to garner a worldwide cult following.

Rex was born in California and grew up in San Diego. He attended the University of California at San Diego where he matriculated summa cum laude with a Special Projects major, his diploma reading: “Specializing in Contemporary Literary and Film Criticism and Creative Writing.”

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